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Speech contest is one of the English contest that often held by many Education Institutions, especially non-formal education institutions. This aim is to improve students’  achievement of English and help them to explore their talent. It usually held for every moment day of the year such as, Independence day, Hero’s day, Education day, etc. Tens or hundreds students can join this competition because it is opened from Elementary, Junior and Senior High School.

On 9th September 2019, Pencil case Indonesia hold this event.  English Department team of Kalam Kudus sent several students to join this competition. Finally the first and the second place went to our students, Maria Natalia Wabiser was the 1st place and Aurell Callista Sagala was the 2nd place. Praise God for this achievement. It is because they prepared and practiced well and support from teachers and parents.

By taking experience of this event, we are as English department team will do the best to train and prepare our students as well as we can. We still realize that there are many things that we have to do to reach our program.

English is very important language. why? Every body knows it. Many things or ways we can do in order to help students more interested in English.

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